The things that slide

The last two weeks have been busier than expected.  My first week back at work involved facilitating a intensive workshop complete with very long days and evening review and planning.  My second week involved catching up on all of the things that I didn’t have time for in that first week.  On top of that, I’ve got a part-time second job teaching online until the end of April that’s taken up quite a bit of time between getting everything ready to go and launching the course.  It’s been good for my savings account but not so great for all of the other things that need to be done.

That’s really just a long way of saying that I haven’t had as much time to write here as I’d like.  Not that I haven’t been thinking about it, it’s just that there hasn’t really been much time to actually sit down and get words out.  That said, I do have posts in the works about this month’s spending, stopping hitting the thrift stores, and ethical consumer choices.

The one thing these last two weeks have highlighted for me are how quickly work can take over and how easy it is to let things slide.  In my case – as for many people, I suspect – it seems that the things that slide are often the healthy ones – exercise, healthy eating, meditation, budgeting, and downtime for things like reading and writing.  It’s been all too easy to slip into bad habits, so this week will be an exercise in getting back to good ones.  On the up side, I’m done most of my work for today and am planning for a grocery trip, evening run, cleaning session, and some meditation before reading in bed for awhile. It’s a start, and it feels like that’s what counts right now.

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