Thrift stopping report

The background: I’ve been wondering if my beloved thrift shopping is kind of, maybe, somewhat undermining my budget.  My plan this year is to be a bit more intentional about my purchases and a little harder on myself about the impulse buys and recreational thrift shopping.  If it’s something I need, no problem, but there’s very little that I do actually need these days.  In an effort to keep myself accountable, I’ll be posting here about what I buy at the thrift store and how much it cost in an attempt to dissuade myself from purchases that just aren’t necessary.

Three weeks into January (how did that happen?) and, I confess, I have not been as good as I would like about the thrift shopping.  A few instances where I’ve gone to drop things off have ended in a bit of shopping.  I’ve kept it to a minimum, but I still made more purchases than I was planning for.

The temptations:

I talked myself out of some things.  I’m not buying any fiction because I have so much left to read.  I shouldn’t buy furniture that I don’t yet have room for, even if it’s old and lovely.  I’m done with glassware until I sort out the pantry situation a bit more and I need more kitchenware like I need a hole in the head.  Given all that, I wasn’t really tempted all that much (okay, except by books…books are my vice).

The damage:

Books: Guerrilla Gardening ($3), Anthology of Children’s Literature ($1), This Changes Everything ($1.50), The Human Age ($1.50)

I love children’s literature and bought An Anthology of Children’s Literature – it was marked $10 on a day when it’s colour tags were on sale for $1.  Guerrilla Gardening is a book I’ve been wanting to read for awhile and I’m thrilled that I found it secondhand.  I also happened across a half off all hardbound books sale, so I got This Changes Everything and The Human Age on sale, both of which have been on the list of books that I very much want to read.

Hiking shoes ($8)

Unworn North face hiking shoes one size too big so I can wear my thick wool socks.  I was pricing out new hiking shoes a month ago and couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge, so this is a good alternative.  It’s been quite chilly to go walking, but I’ve found on their first outing that the combination of wool socks and Gore-Tex seems to do the trick.  I’ve been trying to walk to errands, but some evenings it’s been bitingly cold and my usual leather boots have been leaving my feet very cold.

The verdict:

Although I am pleased with them I probably didn’t need the books, so that’s $7 in unnecessary spending.  The shoes are also somewhat questionable – it’s not like I don’t have shoes and boots, but I’m tired of very cold feet and they were a good deal, which I suppose makes sense for something I’ll be wearing only in the coldest of weather.  But again, the goal is to not be spending, and spend I did.


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