Five frugal things

In the spirit of greater frugality, I’m borrowing a page from the Non-Consumer Advocate and and recording five frugal things from my days here and there.

1. I signed up for a free work wellness challenge. I walked over to pick up my gratitude jar this afternoon, which turned out to be a free canning jar.

2. I scored a piece of free leftover pizza from an event. It made for a very nice afternoon snack.

3. I took advantage of our fitness program and went to a free campus yoga class. Later this week I’ll be going to boot camp and a strength class.

4. I called my insurance company to get my snow tire discount, saving me $36 this year (yes, I’m completely ignoring how much the tires cost in the first place on this one.)

5. I drank looseleaf tea from my desk stash rather than buying it. I save $1.30 every time I do that. I also drank a lot of water, refilling my reusable bottle each time.

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