Starting simple

I have a large stash of…well, really, I have large stashes of a lot of stuff.  Food.  Tea.  Books.  Blankets.  Toilet paper.  You know, all the important stuff.

But, the place I was going when I started that sentence was actually yarn.  See, yarn is expensive.  Well, good yarn is, anyway.  If you’ve never priced out good quality yarn, you might be in for a bit of a surprise.  If you have, you’re probably nodding your head right now.  Not that it’s not worth it – it’s just pricey.  Conversely, I am frugal.  And so when good yarn appears at the thrift store for low prices, I tend to buy it.

What this all means is that I have a lot of yarn that I’ve often bought without a project in mind.  It’s also often in limited qualities – in my experience it’s rare to get enough of the same yarn to make a sweater at the thrift store.  So, this means I have a lot of nice stuff just kicking around and no real plan for it.


On top of that, I suffer from the delightful affliction where I know that my skills need more development and I’m concerned that I’m going to either ruin the materials by not doing a good job or that I haven’t simply picked the most perfect project ever.  And so the stash sits, doing nothing at all, while I ponder and rethink my options and ultimately accomplish nothing at all.

At times, I’ve considered donating some of it or even selling some of it off, but I do want to knit with it.  I bought the yarn because I liked it and wanted to use it. I also see it as a way to further develop my skills as part of my reskilling goals.  So, in the interest of actually doing something, I’ve decided to start simple.  Today I have a three and a half hour train ride, which seems like it could be prime knitting time.  I’ve chosen some yarn – some vintage pure wool, which is nice but nothing I’m too wedded to – and I’m going to adapt a few patterns to make a Guernsey-style cowl.


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